At Eaipl many of our audiovisual consultants have an extremely strong technical and operational background in audio. Our team can advise on a wide range of audio and AV systems issues, drawing on systems design and installation knowledge gained over decades working across a range of commercial premises and within industry verticals.



Consider, for example, planning, sourcing and installing a ‘rudimentary’ sound system. Eaipl can provide expertise on the best options and practices right the way through the signal chain (the path between your audio sources and speakers):

  • Microphones and sound sources (mic type and placement, power requirements)
  • Cables (specifications, connection types, XLR / TRS jack, balanced / unbalanced, cable-laying and containment)
  • Signal Processing (DSP mixing, EQ, compression, limiting, feedback suppression)
  • Amplification (quantity, class, output channels)
  • Equipment storage (racks, power distribution and power conditioning)
  • Loudspeakers (Power rating and impedance values, subwoofers and, quantity, placement and mounting)

At the next level of complexity we can guide you on:

  • Integration with other systems (video, IT, building control)
  • Control mechanisms (touch panels, wall plates, RS232)
  • Networked audio devices (IP configuration, DHCP vs fixed IP, bandwidth, subnets, routing and switching, IT network integration)


In instances where you’d like potential suppliers to undergo a formal tender process for your audio requirements, we provide the appropriate technical documentation to facilitate this, giving vendors a watertight set of guidelines to adhere to when quoting for your new audio system equipment or install. When the submissions from your vendors are aimed at a the same tightly defined target, it’s much more straightforward to compare their quotes, which might otherwise vary significantly in feature set and quality.